Many may wonder why someone in the telecommunications industry would want to blog about hair. I guess one might feel that I am better suited to discuss the latest technologies in communications. Well, you are right, I do have thorough knowlege of the business, but I want to go beyond the spectrum of that technology and discuss what I have more years in experience about; African-American hair. I have 35 plus years of experience with dealing with my own hair. I've use hundreds of products tailored towards black hair. I've sat in the chairs of many stylists. I've gone from one extreme to another in hairstyles and hair color. I have tried many haircare products over the years that I have been satisfied with. I've sat in many chairs in the beauty salons and left out with beautiful hairstyles. Now on the other hand, I've also tried products that have left my hair dry, frail, frizzy, and uncontrollable. I have also left salons feeling like I should have been paid for the time spent for a horrible hairstyle.
Today, I am still searching for those perfect products for my hair, in addition to that one stylists that I am completely satisfied with.
As noted in my previous posts, I plan to review products for my readers. We will discuss issues that we may have with our hair. Interviews with stylists troughout Ohio will be conducted and shared with you. I will also review stylists who do my hair throughout Ohio.
If you know and recommend a stylist and his/her salon, please leave a comment. Please also feel free to subscribe to the blog.